Data at your fingertips

xetova aims to enhance performance in Africa’s procurement marketplace. We do this by accelerating better decision making, greater visibility into contracts, access to favorable SME financing, and better risk management for buyers, suppliers and financiers.

Why xetova?

Simpler processes

With automation and cloud services as our superpowers, xetova supports seamless process updates when they happen, making contract management easy for everyone.

Greater collaboration

Buyers, suppliers and financiers can communicate throughout contract execution through real-time progress reporting, and communication across all stages.


Enhanced visibility

All xetova users have the ability to make instant, informed decisions based on in-depth data provided by powerful dashboards and analytics.

Benefits you get with xetova

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More smart features for buyers on xetova

  • Powerful summary dashboards

  • Contract milestone tracking

  • Supplier performance analysis

  • Budgets and spend analysis

  • Advanced analytics

  • Compliance tracking

  • Notifications & messaging

  • Powerful management reports

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More smart features for suppliers on xetova

  • Access to flexible financing

  • Opportunity alerts

  • Dynamic supplier profiling

  • Performance documentation

  • Product performance analysis

  • Progress update

  • Real-time market linkages

  • Notifications & messaging

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More smart features for financiers on xetova

  • Intelligent lead generation

  • Supplier and buyer scoring

  • Supplier performance tracking

  • Efficient account reconciliation

  • Payment tracking

  • End-to-end CRM

  • KYC & deal authentication

  • Advanced risk analysis

MIT Solve Winner

xetova becomes the first local Tech company to join MIT Solve – Health Security and Pandemic Innovators 2020 Cohort.

Innovation guides xetova all the way

We aim to accelerate better decision making, simple processes, and improved risk management. This is how we get there.

Radical, predictive analytics

Our platform uses artificial intelligence to source important data on current operations and future trends, assisting customers to keep an eye on everything effortlessly.

The right data, at the right time

With smart reports harnessing the power of big data, buyers, suppliers and financiers can get a bird’s eye view of ongoing processes and overall statuses.

Putting certainty in relationships

xetova users have the power to build lasting relationships with the right partners through xetova’s powerful & inclusive procurement management ecosystem.


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