Our Story

xetova’s mission is to deliver a digital platform for the procurement ecosystem that facilitates collaboration, inclusion, efficiency and investment in Africa.

About xetova: Digitizing Procurement

xetova was launched in 2019 by Bramuel Mwalo with the vision of providing holistic, intelligent and efficient solutions to Africa’s large scale procurement space. xetova was born from his passion in researching and designing solutions that enhance SME inclusion, access to finance, growth acceleration and market inclusion.

Comprising a dynamic team with collective experience from various industries, xetova is focused on innovating new business frontiers and strategies in the procurement marketplace to be holistic, collaborative, inclusive and simple.

The Goal: Build Africa’s SME Inclusion

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are always in motion: starting from an idea, to making a first sale, to expanding globally. They need a financial economy that evolves with their needs – easy access to ready investors and a robust supply chain support. The procurement marketplace presents the largest trade opportunity in Africa. xetova believes in making success and growth in procurement a reality for SMEs in Africa as they make more than 80% of businesses in the economy.

Today, xetova is a modern platform designed to support buyers, suppliers and financiers wherever they are. Our mission is to deliver a digital marketplace for the procurement eco-system that facilitates trust and efficiency. To achieve this, we use technology to simplify sourcing complexities for buyers, improve suppliers’ performance, and de-risk deals to maximise value for financiers’ investments.

Accelerating your growth

We prepare you for the opportunities at hand and the bigger ones down the road. 

Policy implementation and risk management

As a significant contributor to economic development in Africa, digitizing policy implementation and risk management is the heart of success in digitizing the procurement process.

Operation efficiency

Our goal is to simplify the management of procurement and make it more efficient. Our technology reduces the cost of participating in the marketplace by more than 30%.

Obligation management

Using data and putting certainty to relationships, xetova is rebuilding trust in the marketplace to enhance investment and better obligation fulfilment in procurement type deals.

Performance tracking

We  provide users with the ability to monitor, scientifically measure and document performance in the procurement process. This is to better decision making and performance reference.

Work at xetova

We are on the look out for exceptional people who are authentic, passionate, innovative, inclusive, fun, confident and committed. If this describes you, check our open positions.

Our COVID-19 Response

We are actively supporting local suppliers to expand their capacity to deliver much needed products related to the COVID-19 pandemic quickly and competitively.

xetova Blog

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