Supporting Large-Scale Buyers

Collaboration is the future of Africa’s procurement marketplace

For large-scale buyers with multiple contracts being issued, procurement management could be a complex affair. Successful and efficient procurement involves real-time collaboration with various actors within the spectrum.

Track your orders

With xetova you can track the progress of your orders in real time. Check and update order milestones as you communicate with your suppliers through the powerful messaging platform.

Measure the performance of your suppliers

Document and scientifically measure supplier performance based on expected KPIs.

Analyze your spend

We know being accountable is a critical component in procurement. xetova provides automated budgets & future payables tracking advanced spend trends analysis.

Benefits you get with xetova

  • Detailed dashboard on purchase order progress and buyer finances

  • Supplier performance analysis based on contract fulfilment

  • Complete order customization with split orders

  • Powerful smart reports

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Fully integrated APIs on up-to-date supplier & product information

  • Automated budgets and spend trend analysis

  • Manage unlimited contracts, purchase orders & suppliers

  • Contract milestone tracking

  • Notifications & messaging


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